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Phone: 800-833-3655 or 616-285-6091
Fax: 616-285-6097
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 10:00-4:00 (ET)
Address: 3749 Broadmoor SE, Suite B
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Social Media Best Practices

Classy Nail Files encourages the use of social media platforms as a means of selling our products.  Here are some guidelines to help keep our brand cohesive and make your sales platform more successful.

  1. Keep it social. Don’t be pushy – this is a FUN product.  Keep it that way!
  2. Building a Facebook group is a good idea. You can build a community that is interested in your product. 
  3. When choosing group names, social media handles, etc., try to use some form of “Classy Nail Files” so it shows that you are officially associated with our company.
  4. Always strive to portray Classy Nail Files brand in an ethical manner, and promote a positive culture filled with respect and integrity for themselves, fellow consultants, and clients.
  5. Do not tag posts with competitive brands’ hashtags or bash competitors online – play nice.
  6. Use the official hashtag #classynailfiles
  7. Facebook Live posts and parties are very popular and can be a very successful sales strategy.
  8. Instagram is a great platform for Classy Nail Files products, as they are visual products.
  9. Always include a way for visitors to find you and purchase from you.