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Star Studded Fingerless Gloves


Special! Buy 3 or more pair of gloves and receive $2.00 off each pair! Use the Coupon Code Gloves

Star Studded Fingerless Gloves are a big hit in the winter months!  They keep your hands warm, but still allow you to use your fingers to get things done!

Many of our customers wear them in offices when they are cold, but they still need to type and do office work.  Some tell us that they wear them so they can continue to text and still have warm hands.  Perfect for driving on cold days! Whatever your reason, they are an awesome accessory to have this winter!

The adjustable drawstring allows them to fit almost any size hands – adults or children!  And with so many great colors to choose from, there is sure to be a set to match anyone’s winter wardrobe!

These gloves are made of high-quality faux suede, plush-lined, with faux rabbit fur trim and decorated with sparkling sliver studs.

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