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Interesting Facts About Texas Longhorn Cows

  • Their population plummeted near to extinction in the 1920s. It took guidance from the United States government to increase their numbers.
  • Both male Longhorn bulls and female cows have horns.
  • The cattle traveled from Spain to the West Indies and then Mexico before arriving in Texas and the rest of the USA.
  • The Longhorn didn’t become the Texas state large mammal until 1995.
  • They come in all colors and patterns, including spotted.
  • The hardy breed was used to travel long distances because, unlike other cattle, the animal could forage on brush and survive for days without water.
  • Known for their hardiness, Texas Longhorn calves stand quicker than other breeds.
  • Texas Longhorn cattle sales post-Civil War brought the state of Texas out of an economic depression.
  • The widest horn measurement spans over 10 feet.
  • The breed is also referred to as the American Longhorn.


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    Protect your genuine crystal nail file from breaking with an acrylic nail file for only $2.00.  You can order a single color below; if you would like to order more than one color, please visit our page dedicated to nail file casesBe sure to order the correct size for your purchase.  You can also choose a black suede sheath below for $1.00.

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Classy Nail Files are made from the highest quality crystal glass available. Imported directly from the Czech Republic. Classy Crystal Nail Files are sandblasted into both sides, so they are guaranteed to never wear out.

They will not tear and snag your nails, as emery boards do – AND you can safely file in both directions! The smooth finish helps to reduce peeling splitting. You will love how you can expertly shape your nails and the crystal nail files will seal in the keratin to keep your nails healthy!

Our crystal nail files are gentle enough to use on babies and safe for use on diabetics. There is never any lead used in the manufacturing process, unlike the cheap imitation knockoff files, which are made in China. To be safe, you should always choose Classy Nail Files, imported from the Czech Republic and distributed by local office in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).


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