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We want YOU to take US on vacation!

Here’s how our BIG Summer Contest works:

  1. Take your Classy Nail File with you on vacation…wherever that happens to be!
  2. Take a selfie (or have someone else snap the picture) with you, your Classy Nail File, and some vacation scenery. (Only genuine Classy Nail Files, please. All others will be disqualified.)
  3. Upload your photo with a short paragraph about your photo in the form below on our Contest page, making it an interesting read for the voters. (YES! There will be voting!)
  4. We will feature many of your vacation stops throughout the summer on our website, Facebook page, and other social media sites. Be sure to sign up on the Facebook Event page to receive any contest updates.
  5. Then at the end of the summer, we’ll put up a voting application and give everyone a chance to vote for their favorite vacation photo, description, and destination.
  6. When voting closes, the person with the most votes will win $100 in “Classy Cash” to spend on anything that we sell on www.classynailfiles.com!

Questions you might ask…

  1. YES, you can enter more than once. Enter as many times as you want, but each photo must be in a different location and description! (You can use the same nail file if you want.)
  2. YES, you can enter the contest if you are under 18 years of age! Minors must have an adult sign off digitally on the submission form.
  3. YES, you can submit photos of babies and children doing their nails, having their nails done, or posing for photos. Parental/Guardian consent for digital use of the photo will be required on the submission form.
  4. YES, modesty is important! Photos that our judges do not consider “family friendly” may be disqualified. Judges’ rulings are final.
  5. YES, this contest is open to all residents in the USA, regardless of where the photos are taken!
  6. YES, we will let you know when the voting begins, so you can tell all your friends when & where to go vote for you!
  7. YES, you can share this contest with your friends and family who may want to get in on the chance to win! You can invite them to the Facebook event or send them to this Contest page

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