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Phone: 800-833-3655 or 616-285-6091
Fax: 616-285-6097
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 10:00-4:00 (ET)
Address: 3749 Broadmoor SE, Suite B
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Congratulations – You’ve Been Approved!

We are excited to have you come on board as an Independent Consultant (aka “Affiliate”) with Classy Nail Files!  Our goal is to help you become a success and make a little money!  Here are some things you should know:

  1. We aren’t going to lie to you and let you think that becoming an Independent Consultant for Classy Nail Files is going to make you a millionaire.  If that’s how you think, we have a great piece of land for sale…
  2. Being an Independent Consultant for Classy Nail Files works great if you’re also a representative for another company that sells beauty products, jewelry products, boutique products, gift products, and so on.
  3. We are here to support you with training videos, live webinar calls, email support, graphics to share, and much more!
  4. We love feedback and welcome your suggestions!
  5. We have a really nice compensation plan – and will be doing prizes, bonuses, and incentive contests to keep everyone motivated and keep things fun!
  6. Classy offers a two-tier compensation system, so you will benefit from other Independent Consultants who sign up under your sponsorship.
  7. You are not an employee; you are an Independent Contractor for tax purposes.

So, what’s next?

  • Paperwork – on the next page, you’ll find the Agreement to Terms & Conditions (aka: contract) paperwork, which you will need to read through and electronically sign (type your name) and date to signify your agreement.  There will also be a couple of forms that you’ll need to print and either mail, fax, or scan and email back to us in the Consultant Center, once you receive your login information.
  • Your website – for the minimal monthly cost of $5.95 (less than the cost of one small nail file), you will receive your own “Affiliate Website” that will look something like this: www.classynailfles.com/xxxx (with the xxxx being your name or ID).  Your customers can order directly from that site and you will receive commissions from their orders.  You will also receive back office access to place your orders directly.  Your back office will include training videos and support materials to help you be successful in your business as an Independent Consultant with Classy Nail Files.  This monthly membership also gives you access to live webinars.  This membership is required, but you do receive the first month free.
  • Your starter package – you have the choice of three starter packages.  The savings on these packages are so amazing that they are only offered at sign-up, so no, you cannot order them later and you cannot order more than one.  Details of the package contents are shown on the order page.  If you have not done so you, you should order your starter package now.  You do not receive commission on your starter package.  The package costs (not including shipping) are:
    • Basic Starter Kit – $59.99 (Retail Price – $135.00)
    • Deluxe Starter Kit – $119.99 (Retail Price – $253.00)
    • Supreme Starter Kit – $198.99 (Retail Price – $412.00)

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