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Compensation Plan Explanation


Classy Nail Files uses “social selling” as its primary marketing method.  As a consultant you may hold nail file parties in people’s homes or in public or private venues, sell nail files to clients and build a fun and exciting business.  Finding new clients for Classy Nail Files is the foundation of your ongoing success.

Classy Nail Files social selling system also allows you to invite others to be part of your consultant (aka: distribution) team, enhancing your income potential.  The people you bring into your business team as consultants, together with the people they bring, are known as your “team,” your “group,” your “organization” or “downline.” Within the Marketing, Leadership and Executive phases, there are many ways for you to make money in this Compensation Plan.

40% Base Wholesale Discount: You will receive a 40% Base wholesale discount on your orders.  This will be discounted every time you place an order.  The consultant sells at retail keeps profits.

Up To 5% Enhanced Retail Commission: You can earn up to 5% additional commission, paid monthly, based on your team sales for the month.  Combined with the 30% Base Commission, this means you can earn up to 35% on your Personal Volume.

When you personally enroll another consultant (your “Enrollee 1” or “E1”), you’ll receive a 5% Enroller commission on that consultant’s Personal Volume (PV).

The Marketing Phase – Build Your Retail Sales

There are two “phases” in Classy Nail Files Compensation Plan.  The first is the “Marketing Phase” in which you earn retail commissions for your Personal Volume.  The “Leadership Phase” is about building your team and supporting the social selling efforts of your downline.  The first step for any new Consultant is to purchase a Consultant Basic Starter Kit, which contains more than $135.00 worth of retail value products and sales materials and one free month of their personalized website, for just $59.99 plus tax and shipping.  No commissions or bonuses of any kind are paid on starter kits. The new consultant will also register on the website as a member, which will also activate their personal Consultant Center Back Office, personalized website, and ability to receive commissions for sales.


The foundation of your Classy Nail Files business is selling products and creating new clients.  When you lead a nail party you share your enthusiasm for the products, take orders to be fulfilled by the Company and develop lasting client relationships.  These sales to clients generate the revenue from which your commissions and the bonuses earned by your upline for helping you are paid.  As soon as your Application has been accepted by the Company, you’ll be designated as a Consultant for Classy Nail Files, eligible to earn the 40% Base Commission on all your Personal Volume (PV), as well as Enhanced Retail Commissions (based on your PV for the month), making it possible for you to earn up to 48% on your own retail sales (see table 1).  Each month begins a new cycle with the potential to earn one level on Enhanced Retail Commissions based on your PV for that month.

Table 1, Base and Enhanced Retail Commissions

Personal Volume (PV)
In Current Month

Commissions You
Earn on Your PV


Up to $599

40% Discount


$600 to $1199

3% Paid Monthly


$1200 to $1799

5% Paid Monthly


$1800 PV to $2399

7% Paid Monthly


$2400 plus

10% Paid Monthly


*NOTE: Even though you may purchase and maintain some product for immediate delivery to clients, you will need to track these sales from your inventory at Classy Nail Files, so you can provide your own Host rewards on these sales.  Once you make an inventory purchase, the Company is NOT responsible for tracking that inventory and provides no mechanism for combining orders fulfilled from your inventory with orders to be shipped by Classy Nail Files.

How to qualify for and maintain your Consultant benefits

The beginning position in the Classy Nail Files Compensation Plan is Consultant.  You qualify as a Consultant when you:

  1. Submit your Classy Nail Files Application, and receive notification from the company that it has been accepted;
  2. Sign up for a monthly Membership, which includes your affiliate website, back office, and training resources; and
  3. Purchase the Consultant Basic Starter Kit, Deluxe Starter Kit or Supreme Starter Kit.

Base Retail Commission:

All Consultants, regardless of title or Bonus Qualified Status, are eligible to receive a 30% Base Retail Commission on the Personal Volume (PV) of personal commissionable orders.  Base Retail Commissions are paid during the rebate processing.

Enhanced Retail Commission:

All Consultants may be eligible to receive an Enhanced Retail Commission on the Personal Volume (PV) of all personal commissionable orders.  The amount of Enhanced Retail Commissions paid will be based on the Distributors PV for the commission period, according to the following table:


Enhanced Retail Commission

$600- $1199.99


$1200- $1799.99


$1800- $2399.99


$2400 and up


Account Status: There are multiple account statuses for Consultants (currently under development):

Active: Be active by achieving $100 retail per month in first three months and every month thereafter.

Suspended: The account is suspended by the home office.  When a Consultant’s status is suspended, no orders can be placed, the Consultant does not have access to her back office, and the Consultant’s website is not visible.  Consultants accounts are suspended for such reasons as payment issues, question/concerns about compliance with company policies, etc.

Termination Pending: If a Consultant fails to achieve monthly goals of $100 retail per month the commission period (month)- and will then change to a status of terminated when commissions are processed the following month.

Terminated: Consultants whose accounts have been closed and who thus lose their downline.

Registration Application and Terms & Conditions Agreement Form: These are legally binding agreements between you and the Company that covers your rights, duties, and responsibilities and those of the Company.  This is vital and necessary information.  The Policies & Procedures manual is an extension of this agreement and should be read carefully.

Bonus Qualified: You’re bonus qualified (BQ) when you have Personal Volume (PV) of $300 or more in a given commission period.

Commission: You are paid the 30% retail commission via orders placed.  You purchase products at 30% less than retail and sell your product at retail cost to realize your profit.  You are paid monthly bonuses based when we run the commissions each month that determine rank promotions and maintenance. Your Bonus commissions will be sent to you via the PayPal address you have listed in your Back Office.

Commission Period: The time between compensation processing runs.  The compensation plan is based on weekly and monthly commission periods.

Monthly: The Monthly period begins the first day of the month at 12:00 EST and ends the last day of the month at 11:59 PM EST time.  Classy Nail Files processes the monthly commissions within the first 15 business days of each month.

Direct: A Distributor that you have personally and directly enrolled (see “Leg”).

Downline: There is one downline organization:

Enroller Downline: A Consultant’s personally enrolled (i.e., E-1) Consultants and their personally enrolled Consultants (E-2) and so on, until the end of the Enroller is reached.

Enroll: To submit an Application and Agreement online for to Classy Nail Files for the purpose of becoming a Consultant for the company.

Enrollee: An enrolling or newly enrolled Team Member.

Enroller: A Consultant who explains the program, assists in the enrollment, and provides preliminary training to the enrollee.  The enroller is the sponsor at the time the new Consultant is entered in the computer.

Policies & Procedures: The governing rules of Classy Nail Files that define the relationship between the Company and its Consultants, as well as between Consultants and Consultants.  The Policies and Procedures are specifically incorporated into and made a part of the Consultants Agreement, which each Consultant must sign in order to enroll.

Prospect: A person to whom you want to offer the Classy Nail Files business opportunity.

Reactivations: A former Consultant may reactivate their account and become a Consultant once again.  The process and reactivation policy depends on when their account was deactivated:

Date of deactivations is less than 6 months ago:

  • The Consultant must reactivate with the same enroller.
  • The Consultant pays a $25 Reactivation Fee, which will be charged to the card on file.
  • Their original Enrollment Date does not change. On their file, reactivated Distributors will have an original enrollment date and the latest reactivation date.
  • The reactivated Consultant will not be able to purchase a Starter Kit.
  • The reactivated Consultant does not count as a recruit for the enroller and cannot be strategically placed by an upline Team Leader.
  • Consultants may only reactivate three times.

Date of Deactivation is more than 6 months ago:

  • The Consultant can rejoin with any enroller/sponsor they choose.
  • The Consultant does not pay any reactivation fees.
  • The reactivated Consultant will receive a new ID number and new Enrollment Date.
  • The reactivated Consultant counts as a recruit for the new enroller.
  • To remain active, the Consultant must achieve BQ with $100 PV in one month and every month thereafter.

Retail: Sales of Classy Nail Files product to end users of those products.  Retail sales are the foundation of your Classy Nail Files business, and the ultimate purpose of all other activities within the business, including enrolling, training, etc.

Retail Commission: Regardless of your rank, you have the opportunity to sell products and receive a minimum 30% base retail commission on all Classy Nail Files products.  You may qualify for enhanced retail commissions based on your PV for a given month.

Roll-Up: The permanent form of Compression.  When a Consultant terminates their Consultant agreement or is deactivated due to not meeting the qualifications, their entire Downline rolls upline to his Placement Sponsor or the next qualified person in the Sponsor Tree and his name is deleted from the Company records.

Sales Organization: Your Sales Organization consists of you and the people you directly enroll as Consultants.  There is no limit to how wide your Sales Organization can grow (see “Downline” and “Leg” and “Level”).

Strategic Placement: Team Members remain under the same Enroller until one or both leave Classy Nail Files.  There is no changing or switching enrollers.  You will not be allowed to change this structure.

Consultant (aka: Distributor): The generic name for an independent contractor who has submitted a Consultant Application and Terms & Conditions Agreement form with the Company, and whose Consultant Application and Agreement the Company has accepted.  Upon acceptance of such Agreement by the Company, a Consultant is eligible to purchase the Company’s products at a wholesale price for resale and can enroll and sponsor other people into their downline retail sales organization.  A Distributor is eligible to earn Commissions and Bonuses in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Compensation Plan.

Starter Kit: Sometimes referred to as a Business Kit, this kit contains the product samples, sales aids, brochures, manuals and application forms relative to the Classy Nail Files business.

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): The retail price as suggested by the Company.  A Distributor may sell the product or service for whatever price he or she chooses.

Upline: The term “upline” refers to that portion of either your Sponsor genealogy that precedes you.  Your upline consists of the Consultant who is your Placement Sponsor.


Updated : 8/20