Authentic Nail Files Made In The Czech Republic... #1 Supplier In The U.S.A.



Linda Dryer

"I am a registered nurse and need to keep my nails short, clean, and in good condition.  I have used these files for 3 years. They are the best!"  -Heidi D.

How To

Linda Dryer

Cleaning your Classy crystal nail files is easy.  Simply rinse with warm water or use a little soap and water, if you prefer.  Dry with a towel or allow to air-dry before replacing protective sheath. Filing your nails correctly - File in one direction from the outside of the nail to the center.  Repeat from the opposite side to the center.  Filing back and forth (like a saw) will weaken nails and encourage splitting and chipping.


Linda Dryer

Classy Nail Files provides only genuine, quality products shipped directly from the Czech Republic.  The Czech crystal nail files are very sturdy and will last a lifetime with gentle care and use (we cannot guarantee against breaking, as they are glass).  Don't be fooled by the cheap knock-offs from China - there are huge differences. Our crystal nail files are etched all the way through the glass, so they will never wear out.  This smooth filing surface makes your nails smooth and helps avoid splitting and peeling. Our nail files will not snag or tear your nails. There is no lead...