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Teacher Gift Idea

One of our wonderful customers shared what she did with Classy Nail Files for teacher gifts this past Christmas and it was so cute that we asked her permission to share it with all of you!  Her daughter, Ruthie, attends KinderCare, so Nora purchased hand-painted crystal nail files with acrylic cases for each of the 12 teachers and wrote this creative poem to include in the decorative bags that Ruthie gave as gifts.  Look at how creative and beautiful they are!


Tulip Time in Holland

Tulip Time in Holland

May is Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan.  The local residents celebrate everything Dutch –

  • the heritage
  • the food
  • the clog dancing
  • and the tulips!

The Classy Nail Files shown here are Tulip Bouquet and Sunset Flower.

This photo was taken at Windmill Village.  In the background, you can see a gazebo, a windmill, and of course, a variety of beautiful tulips in bloom!

Oh, Baby!

Baby GreenI purchased a baby nail file back in 2015 for my newborn baby.  I love the fact it has a rounded edge so she will not be poked.  These nail files work so well on little nails. 

Now my little baby isn’t a baby any more.  She just turned 4!  One day she ran up to me with her nail file and said, “look Mama I can file my own nails!”  I thought it was so cute how grown up she was acting with her small nail file.  I wasn’t worried either because of the rounded tip. 

My BabyShe did a great job!

We have several designs in our Baby Files section and the one shown above comes in four different colors – Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow.



Welcome Spring!

Spring Fling

Well, it seemed like it would never arrive this year, but here it is…FINALLY! Today is the first day of Spring! Okay…it may not feel like it where you are, but that’s the official word on the calendar. It’s currently snowing here…but, hey, that’s a Michigan thing.

With the new year comes out new designs, which we get pretty excited about here at Classy Nail Files! This year, we have almost 60 new hand-painted designs for you, in addition to some new colors, rhinestones, and our brand new Galaxy Collection!

But since today is the first day of Spring, I wanted to show you this new design. We call it Spring Fling because it reminds us of all the beautiful Spring flowers that are starting to bloom. They make such pretty bouquets and bring such life into our lives after a long winter!

Spring Fling comes in three sizes and makes a beautiful gift for yourself, a Spring birthday, or for someone celebrating Easter!


Testimonial from a Nurse


“I am a registered nurse and need to keep my nails short, clean, and in good condition.  I have used these files for 3 years. They are the best!”

-Heidi D.

How To


Cleaning your Classy crystal nail files is easy.  Simply rinse with warm water or use a little soap and water, if you prefer.  Dry with a towel or allow to air-dry before replacing protective sheath.

Filing your nails correctly – With most nail files, you should only file in one direction from the outside of the nail to the center.  Then, repeat from the opposite side to the center.  Filing back and forth (like a saw) will weaken nails and encourage splitting and chipping.  However, with Classy’s genuine crystal nail files from the Czech Republic, this is not an issue.  They are so gentle on your nails that filing back and forth will not harm them in any way!  In fact, filing with Classy’s nail files will help seal in the keratin, keeping your nails as healthy as possible!

Quality Products

Dragonfly with Crystal

Classy Nail Files provides only genuine, quality products shipped directly from the Czech Republic.  The Czech crystal nail files are very sturdy and will last a lifetime with gentle care and use (we cannot guarantee against breaking, as they are glass).  Don’t be fooled by the cheap knock-offs from China – there are huge differences.

Our crystal nail files are etched all the way through the glass, so they will never wear out.  This smooth filing surface makes your nails smooth and helps avoid splitting and peeling. Our nail files will not snag or tear your nails. There is no lead used in the manufacturing process, unlike those produced in China. Our crystal nail files are non-porous and easy to clean.

Product shown: Dragonfly with Crystal