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Why Classy Nail Files

Make a fashion statement with our vibrant collection of unique crystal glass nail files, where you'll find a design to suit your personality and your passions. Our robust lineup features a full line of hand painted and colored crystal glass nail files in perfect sizes for portability or professional use.

Choose from 3 Great Sizesshows three sizes of crystal glass nail files,small, medium and large

• S - Small 3.5 inches. - Perfect for portable emergency use, carried in purse or pocket.

• M - Medium 5.5 inches - The ideal size for home or office use and regular maintenance. Our most popular seller.

• L - Large (Pedicure) 7.5 inches. - An excellent pedicure tool that's ideal for removing hardened and calloused skin for a smooth finish.

Key Features of Classy Crystal Nail Files:

• All files are double-sided.
• Files can be sterilized with heat, autoclave, liquid and UV lighting.
• Files can be used on natural or artificial nails. Dipping the file in water while using on artificial nails is recommended.
• The filing surface is created out of the file body, thus it will never wear out.
• Gives nails a remarkably flawless edge that's free of rough spots. Using the file on a regular basis, chipping and peeling of the nail will be reduced.
• The files are hardened, making it 74% stronger than common glass. Because they are glass, care still must be used with the file.
• Environmentally friendly in construction and use

For quality, longevity and fabulous design, choose Classy Crystal nail files for the finish of a lifetime.


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