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"...I had what I thought was a good file, but your file has made me think of my old one as inferior. Your file doesn't shred my nails if I file too hard. It is gentle, effective and leaves my nail edges smooth. I LOVE it!...In these days of empty promises and merchandise that doesn't live up to its hype, I thank you for your excellent product!"
--Mary Bancroft, Ovid, MI

"I work in a beauty salon here in Dayton and have been giving manicures and pedicures for more than 10 years. My mother sent me a gift set of your beautiful files so I tried them out on myself. I couldn't believe the difference! I want to use them in the salon and will tell all my clients about you!"
-- Jennifer, Dayton, OH

"I just love my Classy crystal nail files, which I discovered at a craft show. I'll never go back to other kinds of files that tear at your nails and skin. Classy files are easy to clean, give a smooth finish, and are a real deal given the years of use I've gotten from mine. I'm so happy Classy is now online -- I'm buying gift sets for my four daughters!"
-- Sharon, Corunna, Ontario

Thank you for allowing me to add to my order. I appreciate it!
I think you sell a wonderful product! My heels have never been better and with less effort!
Thank you!
-- Heather, Grand Rapids, MI

I received a nail file from my friend for my birthday - I love it!
So, I would like to order 4 small files for my girls for Mothers Day -
Thank you
-- Marge, Grand Rapids, MI

When I saw you at the December show in Rockford I bought several files from you. I love them and plan to get more to give away as gifts!
I also bought the large one for my heels and just love it!
-- Cindy, Rockford, MI

I received a nail file for Christmas from my sister in Michigan. I feel in
love with it and want to order a bunch more for my friends here in Arizona.
Thanks for selling a great product! I LOVE THEM!
-- Holly, Phoenix, AR



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